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Are you tired of chasing search engine rankings while your bottom line stays flat? Is your SEO or social marketing driving traffic to your site but doing nothing for your ROI? You’re not alone. All the buzz about SEO and social is effectively detouring many businesses off the road to success.

Optimizing search engine rankings and using social media is important, but it doesn’t automatically lead to sales. It takes more than that. It takes a well crafted plan to drive leads and sales, and that’s where we come in.

Capsule Web was created out of a strong desire to help medium sized businesses maximize their online presence. Whether you’re looking to improve your traffic, refresh your online image, generate more leads or a complete and extensive digital strategy, our experts have you covered.

Most SEO experts focus on rankings, we focus on revenue. Let us analyze your business and online presence in detail, find out what needs to be improved, and create a dynamic game plan to achieve your ultimate goals and earn you money.

Successful businesses achieve their goals by following a strategic plan. With over 700 completed projects to date, we’ve worked in almost every industry in various parts of the world. Our strategies have helped customers get results in some of the most competitive niches such as real estate, the automobile industry, and marketing agencies. We can do the same for you.

François Painchaud
Founder of Capsule Web
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Digital marketing

This is where all our services meet. We’ll start by building a plan that meets your objectives, tweak your online strategy, drive quality traffic to specific pages, convert, analyze and tweak where it’s needed.


Some of you might not need the complete package but still need an effective plan to follow. Whether you’re working with an external marketing firm or internal team, we can build a plan to meet your objectives.

Traffic generation

Based on your business objectives, we’ll create a traffic generation plan for you and execute it. We’ll cover SEO, all PPC, email marketing and sales funnels creation in order to generate lots of leads and sales.

Web Design

Interested in tweaking your website or building a new online image? We got you covered. Our extensive expertise of over 700 digital projects will make sure everything goes smoothly and results are optimal.



Francois PainchaudI am someone who always seeks professionalism in a business partner. With Francois, I got more than what I expected. Professional, efficient and passionate about his work, make him the person to whom you should entrust your projects. I highly recommend Francois if you try to get big results for your clients. Geoffrey Blanc – CEO MG2 Media

Francois PainchaudI highly recommend François Painchaud. What differentiates François is his ability to bring both business and IT expertise to projects. He constantly develops creative business strategies that can be delivered through my website. Furthermore, Frank is very customer focused and responsive. W. Scott Rombach – CEO Scott Rombach, LLC

Francois PainchaudFrançois is a key partner for any company aiming for growth, business development and improved internet marketing strategy. The quality of his services, availability and professionalism are outstanding and represent an guaranteed investment. Hugo Mailloux – Sales director Quibus


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Would you like to increase your revenue with very little effort? Contact François at Capsule Web to get started.
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Francois PainchaudI’m , the founder and owner of Capsule Web. I have specialized in Internet marketing consulting and developing digital strategies for more than 12 years.

My methods are tried and tested. I use them in my own online ventures, one of which was so successful I sold it in 2007. I’m also the head SEO at Capsule SEO where we help web design agencies and consultants offer top notch SEO and link building services to their clients for maximum search engine visibility.

You can benefit from my strong business experience. I know how to create effective sales funnels, build a highly responsive customer base and most of all, a highly profitable business.

My consulting services are not for you if…

But if you’re looking for someone to take away the stress of your online marketing, we should talk. I work directly with my clients, you won’t be passed off to a junior consultant or other assistants.

You will become part of an exclusive and very limited group of clients getting access to the latest and most efficient marketing techniques available. I’ll focus on increasing your revenues and profits. Let me do the heavy thinking for you.



We have driven countless profitable traffic to our client's websites. If you want us to do the same for you, simply fill out the form below. We’ll chat and see if we're right for you and you’re right for us.

We choose our clients carefully because with the right synergy, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Every conversation will remain confidential. If you're really serious about growing your online business, contact us now.

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